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Dues and Pool Passes


dues payment
Greetings :
1/18/2019 6:15:10 AM
If you have
already paid your 2018 community dues, Thank You! Since they have been
paid you can now submit your 2018 pool pass application. If can be found
in the newsletter that was mailed last week, or online at the Flower
Hill Website.

you have not paid them yet, just a friendly reminder that payment must
be received in full no later then 4/14/2018 in order to avoid a late
fee. Late fee's vary by sub-association, and range from $36.17 to
$68.42. Please pay promptly if you have not done so.

remember dues can be paid instantly online by credit card, debit card, or
e-check. A convenience may apply, Flower Hill does not receive any part
of the convenience fee. See the Flower Hill website for instructions.

Thanks, and have a great week,
Flower Hill Central Corporation

This is a Publication of Flower Hill Community Association

dues payment