Sub Associations

Flower Hill Sub Associations

The individual neighborhoods within Flower Hill are managed by Sub Association boards. These Boards are responsible for Architectural Control, Covenant Enforcement, Home Maintenance and other local issues. Use the list below to determine your Sub Association and follow the associated link to get more information. In some instances, board members did not want to publish some or all of their contact information on the Internet - if this is the case, call the Flower Hill office and they will put you in contact with your Sub Association board.

If you wish to change or add any of the information pertaining to your community on this page or the detail page, please send the request to

Rosewood Condominiums 
Streamside Pl, Streamside Dr, Whispering Oaks Way
Flower Hill North I
Sedley Terrace, Sedley Ct
Flower Hill North II (Strawberry Knoll) 
Bell Tower Dr, Bell Tower Ct, Impulse La, Cathedral Way and Cathedral Dr
Hallmark Pl, Hallmark Ct
Kimberleigh I
Hedge Apple Way
Kimberleigh II 
Mountain Laurel Ln, Mountain Laurel Terrace, Everbloom Ct, Mallory Pl, Mallory Ct, Mallory Terrace
Cherry Laurel Ln, Sugarberry Ct, Cloverwood Ct, Chelaberry Ct, Crabtree Pl, Mayapple Ct
Mountain Ash Way
Mountain Laurel Ct
Park Terrace 
Crabapple Ln, Crabapple Pl, Honeylocust Cir, Begonia Way
Fencepost Ct
South Ridge 
Kelso Terrace, Watershed Ct
Summer Ridge Condominiums 
Guildberry Dr, Guildberry Ct, Sweet Autumn Dr, Pearlbush Dr
The Courts 
Calypso Pl, Calypso Ct, Calypso La, Jade Ct, Flower Hill Way, Blue Violet La, Flower Hill Terrace, Flower Hill Rd


Flower Hill Way, Tea Rose Dr, Tea Rose Ct, Tea Rose Pl, Cape Jasmine Way, Cape Jasmine Ct, Gardenia Way, Gardenia Ct

Willow Wood Condominiums 
Badenloch Way, Coriander Dr
Meadow Green Way, Fertile Meadow Ct